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“A light-hearted tale that will inspire young readers not to give up when the going gets tough. The illustrations have fun details that invite readers in for a closer look.”


“This is a very great story. Right from the start, you fall in love with Lucky. He indeed captures your heart. You will giggle as you see him learn to fetch, rollover and beg. The illustrations are great and really bring the little fellow to life. They capture the closeness between Lucky and his friend. Now, when tragedy strikes and Lucky is hit by a car, you do feel sad. But they don’t give up or consider life useless. Not in this story. Instead, children will learn that if an obstacle confronts them in life, there may be ways to still come out a winner: with a little hard work and love. A nice story with a great ending."


“Looking for a children’s story book that tackles disabilities and explains that being disabled is not the same as being unabled?  LUCKY is a book that teaches young children that dogs are dogs, regardless of abilities or disabilities, and the lesson applies to people too. Written by Craig Inglis, with bright, amusing illustrations by Richard Kinsey. Lucky is a simple story that handily conveys an important message."


“Perseverance and effort create success. This children’s book is filled with good lessons. From the beginning, only loving acts and the products of effort are shown. Simple language and friendly pictures indicate that this book is meant for a young audience. Small readers from age’s two to seven will learn and love to read LUCKY.  The colorful illustrations and short sentences will keep a child’s interest and encourage independent reading. Parents should read this book with their children and encourage them to be like Lucky and his master. This picture book deserves five out of five stars. An excellent message, good storyline and interest-capturing pictures merit recognition.”


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Book Reviews for Thunderbird Children's Books

With an easy-to-read story by Craig Inglis and beautiful illustrations by Richard Kinsey, this uplifting, enlightening picture book shows children that they can overcome even the most challenging of problems with the love of friends and with plenty of determination. Positive and joyful, this highly original, instructive book shows children the power of positive thinking in difficult times through the triumphant story of a lovable, plucky dog named LUCKY I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, December 8, 1950. I have been writing all my life. I have had articles published in the L.A. Times and have written about 85 songs. I received a B.A. In Cultural Anthropology, learning about people and their search for a deeper meaning in life. I also studied children’s literature in college and learned about the different myths of peoples around the world. I have worked in the Early Childhood area as a teacher and learned about children and their needs. I have always felt a connection to those who have physical disabilities. Their courage and determination in overcoming their obstacles to lead a happy and fulfilling life is what inspired the story LUCKY. THUNDERBIRD CHILDREN’S BOOKS​ LUCKY - STORY ABOUT PERSEVERANCE AND LOVE "Change the world one giggle at a time". On the surface my work seems whimsical & silly but if one looks a bit closer you just may see a commentary on the human condition, the universe and hopefully even more silliness. A native of Los Angeles, who has lived all over the world, Richard is probably best known for his stage work as Javert in Les Miserables on Broadway, nationally and internationally. To find out more about his performance career, please visit his website at: Richard's involvement in the performing arts is reflected in his visual art. After all, "The canvass or drawing pad is a stage as well". Richard's paintings have been exhibited in many gallery shows and are in collections all over world. I am also a published illustrator having illustrated 6 books; several of these being for children. The most recent, "LUCKY" by Craig Ingles, was published in November 2013 and can be found at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Some other published titles include Meditation Made Easy by Lorin Roche and Camilions by William Ash. Richard was also under contract with Paramount/Viacom for several years as a character creator and I am currently working with Eden Films in the UK on an animated short that will be released in 2017! Richard teaches at the Orange County High School of The Arts and resides in Southern California with my wife, daughter and two adorable, albeit very naughty puppies with PHDs in Quantum Physics and bone tossing.